Type Trumps Extra

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Type Trumps is a card game by Rick Banks [Face37]. It’s a variation of the renown Top Trumps game [Dubreq; Waddingtons; Winning Moves] and involves comparing various typeface attributes such as ‘Legibility’, ‘Weights’ and the discursive ‘Special Power’.

It's an ideal Creative & Digital under-graduate project: it introduces general graphic design principles; develops specific typographic skills; and requires a number of ‘design for print’ techniques.

Type Trumps has been a staple of the FdA Web Design course for over a decade, featuring many students, typefaces, signature colours, and occasionally, staff. Here's a selection of the best of the rest. The designers – left to right, top to bottom – were:

Mesquite Type Trumps Card
Bodoni MT Type Trumps Card
Platelet Type Trumps Card
Black Slabbath Type TrumpsCard
Diavlo Type Trumps Card
Museo Type Trumps Card
Kremlin Type Trumps Card
Myriad Type Trumps Card

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