Type Trumps 9 – January 2016 – FdA Web Design #redpandas

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Type Trumps is a variation of the Top Trumps card game and was created by Rick Banks [Face37], via Dubreq & Waddingtons.

It's an ideal Creative & Digital under-graduate project: it introduces general graphic design principles; develops specific typographic skills; and requires a number of ‘design for print’ techniques.

The 2016 pack is a themed edition paying tribute to FdA Web Design's home city Wakefield: its businesses, organisations, personalities and landmarks. The cards use a vibrant blue – Pantone 300C – as their signature colour, and as a deferential nod towards 'The Merrie City'. The Designers – left to right, top to bottom – were:

Helvetica Black Type Trumps 9 Card
Stag Type Trumps 9 Card
Block Gothic Type Trumps 9 Card
Monotype Script Type Trumps 9 Card
Stencil Solid Type Trumps 9 Card

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