Web Design Style Guide & Glossary

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The web design industry is blessed with more abbreviations than you can shake a stick at. From acronyms [abbreviations that form a pronounceable word] to initialisms [those that are intended to be pronounced as individual sets of letters] it can be a grammatical and stylistic minefield out there.

The use of appropriate capitalisation for proper nouns is important. So too, where the spaces do or don’t go. Here’s a handy guide to help you.

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Adobe like to mix things up. InDesign is one word with a capital ‘I’ and D’. Photoshop however is one word with only one capital letter – the ‘P’. [Source: Adobe]

CSS3 has no spaces. [Source: W3C]

FdA Web Design is styled with an upper case ‘F’, a lower case ‘d’ and an upper case ‘A’. There's also an upper case 'W' and 'D' in Web Design for good measure. [Source: FdA Web Design]

HTML5 has no spaces. [Source: W3C]

JavaScript is one word and is styled with an upper case ‘J’ and ‘S’. [Source: W3C]

jQuery Little ‘j’. Big ‘Q’. [Source: The jQuery Foundation]

PHP is a recursive initialism [some wrongly say acronym]. Originally standing for Personal Home Page, it now abbreviates PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. The recursive bit is that the ‘P’ of PHP stands for … PHP. Heady stuff. The correct academic formatting is therefore PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor [PHP]. [Source: php.net]

Sass is definitely not all upper case … and neither is it an acronym. It’s a backronym. [Source: Hampton Catlin]

WordPress is one word and is styled with an upper case ‘W’ and ‘P’. Dangit. [Source: WordPress]

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