Graduate Case Study – Chloe Frank – Web Developer – Limesharp

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Limesharp Website Screenshot
Limesharp — Magento Web Design Agency — Bethnal Green, London

Chloe Frank knew she wanted to be a Web Designer from the age of 15. She spent several years trying different courses and work placements to try and up skill in her chosen profession, before she found the FdA Web Design course.

Within 2 years Chloe was offered a job at Limesharp in London … before she even finished the course. She is now a Web Developer specialising in Magento eCommerce solutions.

Chloe told us about how her time on the course helped her prepare for such a big move. She demonstrated how the various aspects of the course really help you prepare for the industry.

Being a two year vocational course, with two solid days of University a week, I found I got the experience of spending a full day working. It’s intense, but worth it. The course is intimate and the low numbers mean it’s equivalent to having a personal tutor.

Chloe explained how the course’s connections with local businesses and the chance to work with real life clients helped her become employable.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity of work experience at The Design Mechanics. And the course's commercial work module was eye opening. It taught me how much work goes into not just building a website, but all the various intricacies involved. It also taught me how to learn.

Those commercial projects, and the chance of work experience really help set it apart.

Chloe continued: It really is a unique course. I don’t know anywhere else that can provide the tutoring, instruction and experience FdA Web Design can. It’s not just a Computer Science or Design degree. It’s specific to the industry, and teaches you a variety of skills.

We learnt typography; how to write a business plan; how to build a website and we even designed Dunnys! It’s jam packed full of information, lots to learn and write about. We even got to go out and meet industry professionals.

Perhaps the most important thing I learnt was personal development. At the beginning of the course, the thought of standing and talking in front of people would drive me to tears, but the course made me much more self confident.

Chloe concluded that the range and depth of skills you gain on the course, combined with the network of local businesses, can turn you into an extremely employable person.

To finish off, we asked her if she had any advice for potential and new students: Don’t be scared, expect to be busy, ask a lot of questions, take a lot of notes. If you want this, you will love it.

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